Shielder is an IT consulting firm offering specialized IT security services. In order to deliver increasingly tailored services, we continuously invest in our specialists’ skills growth, encouraging them to follow their natural propensities. Thanks to such a vision, our unique talents – together with their ability to think out of the box – are the greatest value we could have ever wished for our project.


They who hesitate are lost!

IT security implies endless and continual development. Its evolving nature does not allow us to stand still, to remain rooted in standards nor to stop learning. A lot of our time, energies, and resources are invested in security research devoted to investigating technologies and new areas of interest to be ready to face every challenge that IT brings along.


Be the change!

Since the very beginning, Shielder’s project has been rooted in its brilliant specialists’ talent and their multiple skills. They are our beating heart and that’s why we never stop. We adapt ourselves not only to an ever-changing digital world but also to every customer’s needs. Hence the choice of always questioning what we are doing, no matter how many times we have done it before.


The difference is strength!

We share space, time, goals, skills, and ideas, but each one of us got in Shielder by their own path. Different passions, vocations, and talents brought us in the same place to build a heterogeneous team where several points of view look in the same direction. We do believe that difference is strength. We tend to meet everyone’s needs and we encourage each other to follow one’s propensities, explore, and learn. This is how we give our best.