Telegram rlottie 6.1.1_1946 LOTCompLayerItem::LOTCompLayerItem Type Confusion


Telegram rlottie 6.1.1_1946 is affected by a Type Confusion in the LOTCompLayerItem::LOTCompLayerItem function: a remote attacker might be able to access heap memory out-of-bounds on a victim device. Note: we’ll walk through the android app sources, but the issue applies to iOS and macOS Telegram apps too.

Product Description (from vendor)

“Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed.”. For more information visit



Root Cause Analysis

Telegram uses a custom fork of rlottie to render animated stickers. The bug is a type confusion in LOTCompLayerItem::LOTCompLayerItem (starting at ): an object of an unverified type, e.g. <LOTRepeaterData *>, is subject to a static_cast to the type <LOTLayerData *>, resulting in an out-of-bounds memory access.

A static cast to <LOTLayerData *> is performed without any type check, e.g. against an <LOTRepeaterData *> which does not share the LOTGroupData “parent” and hence accessess out-of-bounds memory once it is used in

The classes hierarchy shows that while those objects are both children of LOTData, they do not share LOTGroupData:

|--- LOTGroupdata
|    |--- LOTShapeGroupData
|    |--- LOTLayerData
|--- LOTRepeaterData

Proof of Concept

A blogpost will be published soon on our blog with a PoC walkthrough and further details.


A remote attacker might be able to access Telegram’s heap memory out-of-bounds on a victim device.


Upgrade to Telegram 6.2.0 (1984) or later.

Disclosure Timeline

  • 4/06/2020:
    • Telegram releases version 6.2.0 (1984) with a patch


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16 February 2021